Global Impact

Global Impact

Global Impact

Novitas Foundation’s purpose, as a nonprofit, nonpolitical collaborative, is to create, support, and foster partnerships for international relief; to lead global innovation initiatives and accelerate fair trade programs; and to mobilize individuals, communities, and nations in the sustainable development of economies, cultures, and communities worldwide.

“The needs of people everywhere–whether in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, or Eastern Europe–have common threads, and meeting those needs is the substance of our focus and strategy. We’ve taken our experiences, our supporters’ hearts, and a new vision for sustainable change to go where the need is. Oftentimes, this takes us to areas where others refuse to go. We take our willingness to set aside preconceived notions and simply jump in to help with a sincere heart.”  – Shad Arnold, Founder & Executive Director

You make it possible for Novitas Foundation to impact the world. Together, we can help save lives, bring hope, build better futures for those living in poverty, and rebuild communities destroyed by disasters.

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