Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to Novitas Foundation and make a global impact. Like a bridge, many parts come together to span great distance and become a means of delivery and connection.

Whether you donate online or by mail, participate in monthly giving as an Arch Sponsor, or provide gifts-in-kind as a Beam Sponsor, our 100% Donation Policy ensures that your donation is utilized in its entirety to fund relief efforts, innovation initiatives, and sustainable development programs providing for those in need and investing in their futures.

Provide relief where it’s needed most or support a specific project or program. Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more will greatly impact the lives of those affected by poverty or disaster bringing them hope and the knowledge that you care.

Just as a bridge with arches is strong, Arch Sponsors bring the support of strength through monthly giving to Novitas Foundation. Your monthly gift of $10 or more will help bring essential food, water, medicine, or other critical relief to those affected by poverty or disaster.

The beams of a bridge are an essential component of its support system. In much the same way, donations of goods and services such as food and nutrition products, clothing and blanket bulk supply, office equipment and technology, research and development, and other professional services provide essential support to help us do more by reducing our operating expenses.

Like piers in a bridge’s substructure provide support to the superstructure, Pier Sponsors support Novitas Foundation and allow us to operate under a 100% Donation Policy by covering our operating expenses.

When thinking of pillars in a community, a family, or even of a building or bridge, the word brings to mind the provision of essential support. As a Pillar Sponsor of Novitas Foundation and a pillar in your family, you can leave a legacy that impacts the world while at the same time is a tax benefit to you and your loved ones.

Change a life today

You can help Novitas Foundation create, lead, and implement relief, innovation, and sustainable development programs around the world. We can accomplish so much more together!